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Adhesive Education Series: How Do Adhesives Function?

Bostik offers a diverse line of smart adhesives, from webs to M-resins, for a variety of markets stretching from automotive to labeling. Yet while these adhesives and their applications are unique, all of them function in a similar, basic manner: Wetting Out: All adhesives must wet out to form a bond, which means they cover …

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November 18, 2015 - Automotive General Transportation

70-03A: SMP Featured Product Series

Bostik has published several blogs on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) technology. We have already looked at STR220A, STR350A and STR360A SKF, but now let’s look at another product in particular: 70-03A, High Quality Adhesive and Sealant What is it? Bostik’s 70-03A is a quality adhesive and sealant based on SMP and is designed for making …

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Benefits to Using Adhesives in Product Manufacturing

According to PCI Magazine, the U.S. demand for adhesives and sealants is expected to increase 2.8% per year to 6.4 billion pounds in 2019, valued at $12.8 billion. In applications historically dominated by metal fasteners, adhesives now are taking their place. So, what benefits would your company see in its manufactured products by switching from …

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