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Understanding Hot Melt Adhesive Rheology

Hot melt adhesives are a popular adhesive choice for many applications. Easy to apply, they can increase throughput, enabling plants to meet high production demands. Additionally, by containing little to no solvents, these adhesives aid in plants’ sustainability initiatives. Yet it’s also important to understand how these adhesives work in order to ensure adhesive success. …

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Three Ways Bostik’s Adhesives Help in Eco-Friendliness

With increasing sustainability initiatives, it’s important to manufacture environmentally beneficial products. Discover ways Bostik helps your products with eco-friendly adhesives.

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February 2, 2020 - General Transportation

How Smart Marine Window Bonding Reduces Your Costs, Improves Processes Overall

Sealants for marine window bonding serve an important role in ensuring a boat’s overall durability and functionality. Responsible for forming a watertight and airtight seal around the window, these sealants also: Reduce noise and vibration Withstand environmental elements Improve overall boat aesthetics Therefore, it’s a good idea to ensure the right sealant is chosen. Gain …

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