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January 30, 2019 - Bostik News

How Consumer Drivers Impact Packaging

H As Flexible Packaging Association reports, consumers no longer buy products. They buy experiences, and packaging plays an increasingly important role in delivering those experiences time and again. To ensure your packaging is able to do so, find out how packaging responds to consumer drivers. Consumer Empowerment As millennials become the most prominent buying power …

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January 16, 2019 - Bostik News

3 Adhesive Technologies to Consider When Replacing Mechanical Fasteners

Across markets, manufacturers are replacing mechanical fasteners with adhesives. This is because adhesives offer many advantages over traditional bonding methods, such as: Improved end product durability and aesthetics Enhanced assembly ease of use Increased process efficiencies However, it may be difficult to determine which adhesive technology to choose. Check out these key features of certain …

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How to Optimize Your Packaging Production Lines

Follow these 4 easy tips to help improve your packaging production efficiencies and enhance your line operations.

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December 14, 2018 - Automotive Bostik News

Arkema and Bostik to Sponsor Atwater Lounge at the NAIAS

Arkema, a global chemicals and high performance materials manufacturer, and Bostik, an industry leader in automotive adhesives, have announced the two companies will jointly sponsor the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)’s Atwater Lounge January 16-17 in Detroit, MI. Marking its 30th year, the NAIAS is among the largest auto show in North America and will …

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