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February 20, 2019 - Aerospace Assembly Automotive Tape & Label

Bostik to Exhibit at Foam Expo North America

Bostik has announced that it will exhibit at Foam Expo North America March 26-28, 2019 in Novi, Michigan. Backed by Arkema’s expertise, the company will showcase innovative adhesives designed to meet even the most unique foam bonding application needs. In particular, Bostik’s featured solutions are ideal for textile laminating and foam bonding for automotive, aerospace and tape and …

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Understanding Lightweight Adhesive Properties

When searching for a lightweight adhesive, there are many different types available for the job. However, it’s important to understand their properties to ensure the right one is chosen. For example, there are various physical properties to consider. These include an adhesive’s level of: Cohesive strength Flexibility Damping capability Temperature resistance However, it’s also important …

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Understand How Adhesives Function

It’s important to understand how adhesives function to better know how they’ll work for your application. Take a look at this ebook for more detail.

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February 5, 2019 - Automotive General Transportation

How Transportation AI is Changing the Market

According to Plunkett Research, the global transportation sector accounts for $4.8 trillion and rising, especially as new technology continues to propel its growth. Find out how transportation AI (artificial intelligence) is changing this market. Improved Safety Transportation AI enables manufacturers to meet new industry-wide safety standards, incorporating features such as: Adaptive cruise control Collision warning …

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