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Video: Bostik Web Adhesives

Watch this short video to learn how Bostik’s web adhesives improve manufacturing processes and end-use products overall.

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June 18, 2020 - Assembly Automotive

Access Our On-Demand Smarter Structural Bonding Webinar!

Want to learn about our new structural adhesive and how it can help your application needs? Click here to access our webinar on demand! You’ll discover how it enables you to: Meet complex structural bonding requirements Increase process flexibility Reduce waste Decrease downtime  ABOUT THE PRESENTER Since joining Bostik in 1996, Christos has been a …

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June 3, 2020 - Automotive

Access Our On-Demand Webinar Series: Addressing Adhesive Pain Points for Interior Trim Assembly – Part One & Part Two

Want to learn how you can overcome adhesive pain points when using solvent or waterborne adhesives during interior trim assembly? Access our on-demand webinars! You’ll learn: Common adhesive pain points to interior trim assembly for liquid adhesives (part one) and thermal adhesives (part two) Key adhesive technologies designed to address those pain points How Bostik …

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May 1, 2020 - Aerospace Assembly Automotive

Grease or Anti-Seize: Know the Difference

Grease and anti-seize are popular options for industrial assembly processes. Yet while they both aid in end-product functionality and durability, it’s important to understand their distinct differences. Grease Ideal for fast-moving, low load applications, grease is formulated with a base oil and a thickener. Containing no solids or low solids, grease enables parts, such as …

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