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October 29, 2019 - Assembly

3 Ways Adhesives Improve Refrigerator Door Assembly

As consumer preference and spending levels cause the refrigerator market to grow, manufacturers must assemble higher performing refrigerators at a faster rate than in the past. Fortunately, adhesives can help them easily meet these demands for refrigerator door assembly in the following ways: Improved Flexibility Refrigerator door adhesives are formulated to increase flexibility during manufacturing …

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October 28, 2019 - Assembly

How Mattress Adhesives Can Address Consumer Trends

According to Technavio, the global mattress market is set to reach $36.8 billion by 2021 as manufacturers aim to keep up with consumer trends. Find out how mattress adhesives can make it easier to address their preferences. Trend #1: Customization More consumers are looking for customized mattresses. In particular, they want mattresses that are designed …

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October 17, 2019 - Assembly

3 Ways the Right Low Pressure Molding Adhesive Helps Your Company

Expected to grow at 6.13% through 2022, low pressure molding is rising in demand given its ability to provide superior protection to electronics components. Yet while all adhesives used in low pressure molding aid in seal integrity and part protection, smart polyamide adhesives offer further benefits: Improve Processes With a low injection pressure level, polyamide …

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October 13, 2019 - Assembly

How Wind Power May Supply 20% of U.S.’ Energy by 2030

As efforts are being made for wind power to supply 20% of the U.S.’ electricity by 2030, it’s no surprise that the wind power market is growing fast. Find out what’s being done to help make 20% a reality. Maximizing Efficiency To address wind energy’s skyrocketing growth and increase its effectiveness, the Department of Energy …

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