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November 17, 2019 - Assembly

How to Minimize Pressure Drop in Filter Assembly

When assembling a filter, it’s important to keep in mind factors that impact its end-use performance levels. One factor in particular is the filter’s pressure drop. Take a look at how pressure drop impacts filter performance and how using the right adhesives during assembly can help minimize it. What is Pressure Drop? Pressure drop describes …

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5 Things to Consider Before Applying Hot Melt Adhesives

While hot melt adhesives come in a variety of types, there are five key factors that impact performance across all of them. Consider these items before applying hot melt adhesives to ensure ideal performance is met: Temperature When applying a hot melt adhesive, ensure it will sufficiently wet out the substrate. This will enable you …

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November 6, 2019 - Aerospace Assembly Automotive

Grease or Anti-Seize: Know the Difference

Grease and anti-seize are popular options for industrial assembly processes. Yet while they both aid in end-product functionality and durability, it’s important to understand their distinct differences. Grease Ideal for fast-moving, low load applications, grease is formulated with a base oil and a thickener. Containing no solids or low solids, grease enables parts, such as …

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4 Tips to Make Your Polyamide Adhesive Selection Easier

Polyamide adhesives are ideal bonding solutions for many markets, including packaging, filtration and automotive. However, finding the right one that meets your specific application needs can seem daunting. Consider these four tips to make the selection process easier: Know the Application Temperature An application’s temperature requirements play a key role in determining which polyamide adhesive …

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