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March 22, 2016 - Aerospace

Heat Seal Adhesives in Aircraft Interiors

In a recent blog, we discussed how composites are transforming airplane manufacturing. Composites offer a lightweight yet high strength solution with low maintenance costs and emissions. They decrease manufacturing time, improve fuel efficiency and increase passenger carrying capacity. As these trends in aerospace grow, so does the need for non-structural adhesives, which have many applications …

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Adhesives Education Series: Acrylic Adhesives

Acrylic adhesives provide strength, immediate tack and the capacity to bond to a variety of substrates, including hard-to-bond plastics and oily metals. As a result, they are a popular type of adhesives used for a vast array of applications. Let’s take a closer look at what acrylic adhesives are, their features, key sectors and some …

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The Advantages to Using Polyolefins in Certain Assembly Applications

Hot melt adhesives are becoming as popular as they are versatile. As cited in Adhesives and Sealants Magazine, these adhesives are gaining market attention due to their fast-setting speed, relatively low cost and low environmental impact. There are several types of chemistries used to manufacture hot melts, including polyamides and polyolefins. While polyamides offer advantages …

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