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December 23, 2020 - Aerospace

Do Your Aircraft Interior Designs Improve Utility?

As aircraft interiors continue to evolve, better meeting consumer preferences for comfort and connectivity, it’s a good idea for design engineers to keep in mind how their designs can also improve aircraft interior utility. Take a look at certain innovations to ensure your designs measure up. Aircraft Interior Galleys In an effort to make the …

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December 11, 2020 - Aerospace

Should You Consider an Alternative to Your Aerospace Epoxy Film?

While epoxy films are commonly used and serve as a strong bonding method, they can be over engineered for certain aircraft interior applications. In these cases, an epoxy may give more strength than necessary and cause the following issues: Substrate failure Inefficient processing conditions Therefore, it’s important that manufacturers consider switching to non-epoxies, such as …

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Instant Adhesives May be Right for Your Application

As the global instant adhesives market gains momentum, slated to reach $3.14 billion by 2026, it’s a good idea to consider if these solutions are right for your product assembly processes. Gain insight into their benefits and how they may be ideal for your assembly application. Production Efficiency With fast, room-temperature curing, instant adhesives help …

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VIDEO: Hot Melt Demonstration: Bead Application

Watch this video to learn why bead application is an ideal application method for a variety of hot melt adhesive settings.

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