August 23, 2019 - Bostik News Tape & Label

Bostik’s Rising Star Award Nominee

Bostik is proud to announce that Katie Davis, Senior Chemist for the Global Industrial Adhesives business unit, has been nominated for the Label Industry’s Rising Star Award this year. Sponsored by Labelexpo, the Label Industry’s Rising Star Award recognizes the achievements of emerging talent in the label and packaging industry and is annually awarded to a young professional who represents the next generation of leaders.

Katie Davis, Bostik, Inc.
Senior Chemist

One of five nominees shortlisted to win, Katie Davis earned this prestigious nomination specifically for her leadership initiative and extensive adhesive formulation work that pushes the boundaries of today’s current adhesive chemistry toward more sustainable and powerful solutions.

In particular, she formulated a prototype adhesive that replaces styrenic block copolymers in hot melt adhesives, increasing performance properties of current options. Further, Katie’s work to create a cross-linkable, hot melt applied adhesive will enable the industry to produce label adhesives with elevated performance and less environmental impact. Most recently, Katie’s work to develop a compostable pressure sensitive label adhesive will help converters achieve sustainable packaging.

Commenting on Katie’s Rising Star Award nomination, Mike Vitrano, Bostik’s Technical Manager, said, “Katie is an exceptional young professional whose achievements thus far already position her as a stand-out chemist in the label adhesive community. I couldn’t imagine a more well-deserved nomination and look forward to more great developments from Katie in the future.”

Nominees will be recognized at Label Expo in Brussels, Germany on September 24, 2019. One individual will be selected as the official winner. Extending her appreciation for the nomination, Katie said, “It truly is an honor and a privilege to be recognized at the Rising Star Awards this year.”

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