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Bostik to Exhibit Innovative Marine Bonding Solutions at Virtual IBEX

Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction and consumer markets, announced it will exhibit innovative marine bonding solutions at the virtual International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) Online September 29 – October 1, 2020.

North America’s leading technical boat building showcase, IBEX brings together industry professionals from around the globe to share ideas and accelerate new product development. This year, it will continue to do so in a virtual setting. In addition to a virtual exhibit hall featuring the latest advancements in boat manufacturing, the event will offer remote educational opportunities where attendees can learn about market trends and challenges.

At this year’s virtual event, Bostik will feature its entire line of marine adhesives and sealants designed to improve operational efficiencies and enhance boat aesthetics and durability overall. In particular, these include products based on silyl modified polymer (SMP) technology that offer high tack and green strength for fast bonding as well as solvent-free formulations for improved worker safety. Further, these SMP products enable primerless application, reducing manufacturing complexity and error likelihood. The company also will showcase its Never-Seez® Mariner’s Choice product, a leading anti-seize and lubricating compound ideal for protection in above and below-the-water line environments.

Bostik’s methyl methacrylate structural adhesives also will be on display at IBEX.  Featuring high elongation and excellent moisture resistance, these adhesives are ideal for bonding dissimilar substrates and are a lightweight, flexible option that improve boat performance and aesthetics.

Jake Krause
Product Line Manager, Bostik

Speaking in advance of the virtual event, Bostik’s Product Line Manager Jake Krause said, “We appreciate the opportunity to connect with other industry professionals in this remote environment and look forward to learning more about their needs and how our bonding solutions can help.”

Register for IBEX today, and be sure to schedule a meeting with a Bostik team member to find out how our products can enable you to easily overcome key challenges and build better boats.

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