February 20, 2019 - Aerospace Assembly Automotive Tape & Label

Bostik to Exhibit at Foam Expo North America

Bostik has announced that it will exhibit at Foam Expo North America March 26-28, 2019 in Novi, Michigan. Backed by Arkema’s expertise, the company will showcase innovative adhesives designed to meet even the most unique foam bonding application needs.

In particular, Bostik’s featured solutions are ideal for textile laminating and foam bonding for automotive, aerospace and tape and label applications. With high internal strength, tack and peel, they also possess excellent adhesion to vinyls, polyurethane foams and plastic substrates and can offer flame retardant capabilities for needed applications.

Further, these adhesives are designed for automated assembly lines, improving overall product quality and aiding in sustainability efforts. They offer low activation temperatures and reduced waste production to enhance operational efficiencies and reduce downtime. Based on hot melt adhesive technology, Bostik’s showcased products at Foam Expo also possess varied open times to ensure production line needs are met and low VOCs for increased safety.

Additionally, the company will feature its innovative facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan during the show. Offering a comprehensive, accessible solution for customers, this facility provides extensive adhesive testing capabilities, equipment assistance and a one-stop-shop approach to bonding needs.

Speaking in advance of the show, Kevin Campbell, National Sales Manager, said, “We are excited to exhibit at Foam Expo again for the third year in a row and look forward to explaining how our solutions meet your current and future needs. We appreciate the opportunity to meet with new and existing customers, and Foam Expo provides a great venue to do so.”

For more information on Bostik and how its featured solutions at Foam Expo can help your company, visit www.bostik.com/us, and stop by booth 1509.

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