Bostik to Exhibit & Conduct Four Product Demos at Virtual PACK EXPO Connects

Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction and consumer markets, will exhibit and conduct live product demonstrations for sustainable packaging applications at this year’s virtual PACK EXPO Connects, November 9 – 13, 2020.

Traditionally the largest in-person packaging event, PACK EXPO has gone 100% digital to enable industry professionals throughout the packaging value chain to still connect with each other during these unprecedented times. In addition to featuring more than 700 exhibitors and nearly 2,700 live product demonstrations, PACK EXPO Connects will give attendees access to over 60 educational sessions where they can learn about trends, challenges and innovations shaping the packaging industry.

During PACK EXPO Connects, Bostik will host four live demonstrations, detailing how the company’s adhesives and coatings help manufacturers further their sustainable packaging journey. Featured technologies include Kizen®, Bostik’s innovative case and carton sealing adhesives that reduce adhesive usage and SKU volume, improve operational efficiencies and enable the use of sustainable packaging materials. The company’s Vitel® resins also will be on display for their ability to increase lidding’s environmental friendliness and extend product freshness. Additionally, Bostik’s high-performing M-resins for resealable packaging applications will be featured, given their ability to mitigate the need for secondary packaging and reduce package waste. Further, Bostik’s Thermogrip® 43298, the market’s first-ever, BPI-certified, compostable hot melt adhesive will be showcased. Designed for a variety of paper and fiber board packaging, this product passes industrial compostable standards and enable 100% compostable packaging when used with other qualified substrates.

compostable adhesive
Tyler Derus, Bostik’s Advanced Packaging Market Manager

“We look forward to connecting with industry professionals virtually and learning how our innovative bonding solutions can help further their sustainable packaging journey,” said Tyler Derus, Bostik’s Advanced Packaging Market Manager. “We appreciate PMMI’s ability to create a reimagined PACK EXPO event for 2020.”

Register today to attend this virtual event, and be sure to visit Bostik’s exhibitor portal to learn more about what to expect from the global adhesives leader.

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