Bostik to Teach Short Courses at ASC Annual Spring Conference and Expo

Bostik, a global adhesive and sealant manufacturer, has been invited to teach short courses at the ASC Annual Spring Conference and Expo in Atlanta, GA April 3-5.

Designed for manufacturers, suppliers and end-users, this event is the largest gathering of adhesive and sealant professionals in North America. Spanning three days, it will include keynote speakers, technical sessions focusing on business development, market trends and technology as well as an exhibit hall with over 100 exhibitors.

One of Bostik’s short courses will cover an introduction to sealants and adhesion. Presented by Jeff Ogren, Director of Business Development and Technical Service, this course will detail various sealant markets, applications, properties and chemistries.

Scott Reedell, Bostik’s Technical Service Manager, will conduct a short course on sealant usage in transportation and assembly. In particular, this course will provide an overview on the vast range of sealant applications, from buses to furniture manufacturing.

To attend these short courses and more, register for the convention today! Visit www.ascouncil.org/events for more information.

Bostik appreciates having the opportunity to be a part of this valuable event once again. Our company values both personal and professional growth for employees and helps those who wish to further their educational development. Visit our Careers page to see how you could be a part of our smart team. #workatbostik


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