June 4, 2018 - Tape & Label

How Bostik Meets Label Customers’ Needs


According to Smithers Pira, global label sales are projected to reach $47.54 billion by 2028. Ideal for many applications across markets, it’s important that labels are able to address certain performance criteria for specific end-use needs. One of the ways to ensure this entails working with the right label adhesive supplier.   

We sat down with some of Bostik’s label team members to learn how the company meets customers’ current and future needs and what makes Bostik the right label adhesive supplier. 

Engagement and Communication 

“What sets Bostik apart to me is our deep emphasis on customer engagement and communication,” said Tony Yu, Strategic Accounts Manager for the tape and label market. “When working with customers, we give them more than a label adhesive product. We also provide them with open door collaboration and an ongoing two-way dialog, which helps us truly understand their needs and determine how we can address them.” 

Ross Check and Jessica Alvarez, both Territory Sales Managers for Bostik, furthered Tony’s thoughts, stating that engagement and communication are key to building and growing relationships with our customers. 

Innovation and Specialization 

Additionally, the team capitalized on Bostik’s ability to innovate and specialize for customers’ specific needs.  

“When working with a customer’s label application request, we always first assess our entire product line to see if any existing product meets the criteria,” said Tony. “However, if one doesn’t, we work with that customer to ensure we develop a product to fulfill their unmet needs. This often results in addressing a gap in the market that can in turn benefit other customers as well.” 

With regards to the eCommerce space, Bostik has developed innovative adhesives that help lines run faster and enable labels to adhere to a variety of parcels and bags that must withstand harsh environmental conditions during shipment. “This ability to recognize a challenge and successfully address it with our customers and for our customers is one way Bostik stands out in the label adhesive market,” said Ross. 

 “Additionally, we acknowledge the importance of staying up-to-date with the ever-changing market and understand how needs can shift quickly,” added Jessica. “We are on a constant journey to find new and smarter and more innovative ways of doing things.” In particular, Bostik is currently working on a new non-staining adhesive product that will enable lower cost label construction and eliminate barrier coatings while maintaining high quality performance and aesthetics. 

Extensive Industry Knowledge  

Adding to Jessica’s comment, the team detailed how Bostik’s extensive knowledge and expertise enable the team to keep a pulse on where the label industry is going before it gets there.  

“We work alongside other industry leaders and innovators to help the label market not only respond to changes but also make those changes possible,” stated Ross. “This collaboration with customers and other suppliers combined with our extensive industry knowledge enable us to provide solutions across a wide range of industries.”   

This is especially apparent in Bostik’s linerless label adhesive efforts, which help customers significantly reduce material waste, costs and downtime. “Our linerless label adhesives aid in enhanced label performance while enabling customers to meet green initiatives and lower total application costs,” said Ross. “We wouldn’t be able to do this for customers without our extensive industry knowledge.”  

Label Adhesive Supply Security 

Another way Bostik meets label customers’ needs is by ensuring supply security at a global scale. “As an Arkema company and with a global footprint, Bostik is well-positioned to address customer supply needs worldwide,” Tony said. 

“Additionally, our synergies with Arkema have strengthened our position as an industry leader,” said Jessica.  

“Except in extreme situations, this allows us to fulfill customers’ orders even in the event of natural disasters and force majeure conditions,” furthered Ross. “And, as part of Bostik’s label team, we appreciate and value the chance to acquire new customers while continuing to build our relationships with existing customers.” 
For more information on why Bostik is the smart label adhesive supplier for you, visit www.bostik.com 

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