October 23, 2020 - Assembly

Bostik Exhibits Innovative Adhesives Range at Virtual Assembly Show

Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction and consumer markets, announced it will exhibit virtually at this year’s The Assembly Show, October 27 – 28, and feature a range of innovative adhesive solutions for complex product assembly applications.

Marking its 8th year, The Assembly Show focuses exclusively on assembly technology equipment and products. While 100% virtual in 2020, the event will still bring together thousands of industry professionals worldwide, offering participants the chance to uncover new resources, evaluate the latest technologies and learn from other industry professionals.

Exhibiting at The Assembly Show for the second time, Bostik will feature Born2Bond™, a line of innovative of instant engineering adhesives for increasingly complex product assembly applications. Designed to increase production efficiencies, enhance aesthetics and improve sustainability, these adhesives are based on methoxyethyl cyanoacrylate (MECA) technology and address key limitations associated with commonly-used cyanoacrylates.

Additionally, other technologies the company will showcase include its methyl methacrylate (MMA) structural adhesives, silyl modified polymer (SMP) products and Never-Seez®, its line of industry-leading, anti-seize and lubricating compounds. Bostik’s UV foam-in-gasket and cure-in-place gasket and foam-in-place solutions will be highlighted as well for their unique bonding properties. Further, Bostik’s low pressure molding solutions also will be on display, revealing the speed and unmatched capabilities its Thermelt® adhesives possess when encapsulating electronic components. All of these technologies are expertly formulated and designed to improve operational efficiencies while increasing end-use product performance overall.

Speaking in advance of the event, Christos Karadimas, Bostik’s Engineering Adhesive Business Development Director – Americas, said, “We appreciate the opportunity to still connect with industry professionals in this remote environment and look forward to learning more about their needs and how our range of solutions can help.”

Visit Bostik’s online profile to learn more about what to expect from the global adhesives leader at The Assembly Show, and complete the form to get in touch with an expert!

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