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These days, our culture has a lot to say about words. We’ve never spoken or written more in the history of mankind. Yet in the world of business, words seem to mean less and less with each passing year. How can customers be sure a company really means what it says? Better yet, how can they measure whether its actions—and its products—live up to the talk behind them? When we come right down to it, words are cheap. Behavior requires both sacrifice and commitment.

At Bostik, we’re serious about keeping that commitment. So serious, in fact, that we guide our company behavior in terms of six key values. Known as the Bostik Way, these values form the glue that holds Bostik’s people and processes together. They also form the acronym BOSTIK:

Bostik Way - logo short
Boldness | Openness | Sustainability | Team Spirit | Integrity | Keeping our commitment

To launch our new blog, we’ll take time to explore each of these core values, not just as words, but as part of our collective company experience. After all, our motto is “Stronger Bonds. Better life.” Here’s how we forge that bond internally. Here’s how we make decisions, one ideal at a time. Here’s how we do things…the BOSTIK Way.

The first word of the BOSTIK Way is BOLDNESS. At Bostik, boldness is about difference. It means inventing—individually or collectively—new ways of working and solving challenges for our colleagues as well as our customers. At Bostik, all of our employees understand that they can do anything they set their minds to…if they are well-prepared. In this way, boldness is not mere rashness. It is an informed, individual action that results in positive innovations for the entire group. In today’s uncertain market, corporate value statements are sometimes little more than words on a page. Fear often drives day-to-day business and industry behavior, leading to endless risk management and a resistance to new strategies or novel solutions. Yet historically, fear has never fueled brilliant inventions or big leaps forward. This is why boldness leads the BOSTIK Way.

Progress and service are driven by action, bolstered by solid preparation and tested in the fires of risk. Put simply: boldness is daring to lift words from the page into our daily practice. Boldness is the BOSTIK way. What’s yours?

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