June 27, 2017 - Building & Construction

How Bostik and Arkema Span Entire DOOR, WINDOW OEM Value Chain

For over 125 years, Bostik has been a leading adhesive and sealant manufacturer specializing in construction products that improve building projects overall. By working with Arkema, the two companies are able to address the industry’s needs even further, spanning the entire window and door OEM value chain.

This value chain is comprised of four different categories. Find out how Bostik and Arkema products are able to address each of these areas.

Window and Door Components:

Bostik and Arkema collectively offer a broad spectrum of products for various window and door components. For example, these include:

  • Glass and Extrusion: Arkema offers several key technologies designed to improve window construction. These include Certincoat, low E glass coatings that allow for superior reflectivity. They also allow for the absorption of light or heat energy.
  • IG and Doorlites: Bostik’s hot melt and reactive foam-in-place technologies play an important role in insulated glass and doorlites. For example, these products are used to bond the glass to the doorlite frame as well as the frame into the door slab. As a result, they give a strong, secure and waterproof seal to the entire door slab unit.
  • Profiles and Capstock: Arkema’s products for these window and door components impart environmental durability and enhanced surface properties.

Door and Window Assembly

  • General Assembly: Bostik’s hot melt adhesives work well for corner keys, dissimilar substrates and wood bonding window assembly applications. They also offer excellent plasticizer resistance and work well for low surface energy substrates.

These products also work well for window glazing applications, such as seam sealing, and door assembly applications, like rail and stile attachment.

Building Envelope Preparation

Bostik and Arkema products are also suitable for flashing tape applications and building material primers.

In particular, Bostik’s butyl flashing tapes provide a durable, waterproof seal around window and door openings. When used with Arkema’s industry-leading Kynar 500 and Kynar Aquatec finishes, these products enhance building longevity and durability.


Additionally, Bostik has window and door sealants that are asphalt compatible and can be applied over many substrates. This is helpful when replacing older window units, as there can be uncertainty about the existing building envelope technologies.

Furthermore, these products are hazard-free and safe, allowing occupants to remain in the building during the project.

Contact a Bostik expert today to learn more about how Bostik and Arkema can address your OEM needs.

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