Bostik and Arkema Growing Manufacturing Management

A leading adhesive and sealant supplier for over 125 years, Bostik is known worldwide for innovative products and cutting-edge solutions in the industrial, construction and consumer markets. Since becoming an Arkema company in 2015, its presence in the industry has only grown.

Yet its values remain the same. With an emphasis on fostering employee growth and development, Bostik, together with Arkema, makes investing in its people a top priority.

The Manufacturing Management Development Program (MMDP) is one such example. A partnership between Arkema and the California Institute of Technology, this program focuses on developing the next group of leaders at Arkema.

As part of Arkema, Bostik’s employees benefit from this prestigious, developmental, 12-month program. Bostik employees are nominated for the program, and chosen individuals comArkema Group Week 1plete 14 courses ranging from behavioral leadership strategies to global operations management. The topics are covered in four week-long sessions throughout the year at different locations. Designed specifically to align with business goals, the program also enables participants to extend their reach and impact within the company.

“Arkema’s Manufacturing Management Development Program far surpassed my expectations,” said Bruce Innis, Bostik’s Maintenance Manager in Middleton, who has been with Bostik since 2015. “In addition to building my leadership skills, it allowed me to build a network within Arkema and better understand how Bostik and Arkema work together as one. The relationships I made through completing the courses have enabled me to take my career to the next level.”

Bruce also spoke to the program’s emphasis on teamwork. “The program really instilled in us the sense that we truly are the next generation of leaders. By working together, we’re able to immediately put into practice the skills we learned to better ourselves and our company. It didn’t just teach me how to be better, it showed me how to help others, too.”

Erik Nestoss, Senior Process Engineer, also recently completed the program and shared Bruce’s sentiments. A background in chemical engineering, he has been part of Bostik for over five years. “What I liked best about the Manufacturing Management Development Program was that it gave us the tools to become intentional leaders now and going forward. It taught us how to stay focused on actively engaging and developing ourselves and those around us.”

Erik also explained the impact this program has had on his daily routine. “I’m grateful for having gone through the program, as it made me realize the importance in not having a silo mentality. Getting everyone involved each and every day is the only way to meet our goals. It also opened up my eyes to new perspectives and new ways of doing things I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.”

Both Bruce and Erik expressed their gratitude for having this opportunity. “I think it’s wonderful that Bostik is and will continue to be part of this program,” Bruce said. “Helping us today makes us better for tomorrow, and Bostik and Arkema do a great job of that.”

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