January 7, 2021 - Automotive

5 Ways Leather Seating Adhesives Reduce Your Overall Cost

Designed to provide comfort and enhance a car’s visual appeal, leather is rising in demand, expected to reach $40.25 billion by 2025. Used in many car interior applications, including dashboards and steering wheels, gain insight into smart automotive leather seating adhesives in particular and how they can reduce overall cost.

Moderate Heat Activation

Requiring only moderate heat activation temperature, Bostik’s web adhesives for leather seating aid in companies’ energy efficiency efforts. For example, a higher activation temperature would require machines to produce greater heat, which uses more energy. These web adhesives, however, help keep energy operating costs low.

Fast Set Speed

Offering a fast set speed, Bostik’s leather seat adhesives help keep production lines moving quickly and efficiently. Additionally, they are easy to apply, boosting operational efficiencies. As a result, they are able to keep downtime and labor costs to a minimum.

automotive leather seating adhesives


Ideal for leather seating applications, Bostik’s web adhesives can bond to a wide variety of fabrics, foams and vinyls. This means that companies need only one adhesive to meet their leather upholstery assembly needs, keeping SKUs and associated plant storage space costs to a minimum.

Less Waste

Leather upholstery web adhesives can be manufactured into any needed shape or size. This customization helps decrease plant waste. In addition to improving a company’s carbon footprint, it also lowers overall cost on waste clean up.

Additional Functionality

Bostik’s leather upholstery adhesives can be manufactured with additional functionality, such as flame retardancy. By using an adhesive with this capability formulated directly within it, manufacturers do not need to spend time or money adding in extra products.

Find out how these web adhesives can reduce overall costs today. Contact a Bostik expert.

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