October 6, 2020 - Assembly Automotive Bostik News

On-Demand Webinar: Born2Bond Smarter Light Curing

Want to learn how Born2Bond™ Light Lock, our unique, dual cure UV/CA formulation, overcomes the most common limitations of conventional UV-cure acrylics?

Access our on-demand webinar, Smarter Light Curing, and learn how Born2Bond Light Lock enables fast, precision bonding for complex designs with almost any substrate.

You will also learn how the dual cure technology works and the competitive advantages it brings, including:

-Improved precision bonding capabilities for small, complex parts
-Increased versatility
-Reduced waste
-Faster manufacturing times

Born2Bond webinar

“I hope you find value in our new instant engineering adhesive and how it can help even your smallest and most complex bonding needs.”

Christos Karadimas
Business Development Director – Engineering Adhesives
Webinar Presenter

For more information on Born2Bond Light Lock and the entire product line, visit born2bond.bostik.com.

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