December 14, 2018 - Automotive Bostik News

Arkema and Bostik to Sponsor Atwater Lounge at the NAIAS

Arkema, a global chemicals and high performance materials manufacturer, and Bostik, an industry leader in automotive adhesives, have announced the two companies will jointly sponsor the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)’s Atwater Lounge January 16-17 in Detroit, MI.

Marking its 30th year, the NAIAS is among the largest auto show in North America and will run from January 12-27. Continually redefining automotive innovation, it features a gallery night, Automobili-D, industry preview days, charity events and public expo. Bringing together thousands of automotive professionals from around the world, the NAIAS serves as a valuable networking and development opportunity for automakers, suppliers and more.

For Arkema and Bostik, the Atwater Lounge sponsorship also provides a venue to showcase the collective value they bring to the automotive market. In particular, these solutions include Elium® thermoplastic resins for composites, Plexiglas® PMMA and automotive adhesives and sealants designed to improve a variety of automotive assembly processes and end-use applications.


Speaking in advance of the event, Bostik’s Automotive Market Segment Manager Melissa Griggs said, “We are very excited to once again be part of the NAIAS, especially with our parent company Arkema this year. The NAIAS is an incredible venue and provides a truly valuable experience for us to learn how we can further improve automotive assembly.”

Carmen Lehnert, Business Development Manager at Arkema, furthered Griggs’ thoughts. “We appreciate the opportunity to meet with other industry professionals at the Atwater Lounge, learn about their needs and discuss how our technology can take vehicle manufacturing to the next level.”

For more information about the NAIAS and how you can attend, visit www.naias.com.

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