Adhesive Manufacturing Industry Dynamics

According to Market Research, the adhesive manufacturing industry is forecast to rise 2.8% annually through 2019. Expected to reach $12.8 billion, there are certain aspects leading the growth. Take a look at these industry dynamics.

Adhesive Technology Dynamics

While the shift toward water-based and higher solids content grows, solvent-based products will continue to see demand increases. This is due in large part to product reformulation efforts to improve solvent-based environmental profiles.

Additionally, reactive products are expected to see the fastest annual growth, as industry trends are favoring higher value materials. These adhesives also offer superior performance characteristics.

Yet hot melt adhesives in particular are also predicted to see steady growth. With fast set speeds, they are especially suitable for applications that require fast line speeds and high production output. Hot melt adhesives also have high solids content and lack VOCs, further aiding in their value and why more manufacturers are using them in their production processes.

Adhesive Market Use Dynamics

The construction market is predicted to see the fastest gains for adhesives through 2019. This is due to:

  • Increased infrastructure and repairs
  • Improved construction activity in developing nations

However, the manufacturing and assembly markets will lead the way in terms of adhesive volume and application outlets. As adhesives continue to replace mechanical fasteners, they are used in increasingly more applications. This is especially apparent in includes transportation markets, such as aerospace, automotive and rail.

Smart Adhesives for the Market

Bostik offers a broad technology portfolio of adhesive solutions. This portfolio, combined with our extensive adhesive manufacturing knowledge, enables us to formulate adhesives that are safe, fast, efficient and high performing.

Additionally, our products include special functionality, such as flame retardancy and fragrances, and can be custom formulated to meet even the most stringent customer needs.

For more information on how we stand out as an adhesive manufacturer, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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