October 1, 2020 - Flexible Packaging

3 Ways Stand-Up Pouches Can Help Your Flexible Packaging Company

Stand-up pouches are slated to be worth $51.69 billion by 2022, driven in large part by consumer preference for this type of packaging. Therefore, it’s important for converters and brand owners to understand how these pouches can help their companies.

#1: Stand-Up Pouches Enhance Sustainability Efforts

As society pushes for more sustainable production practices, these pouches help your company address this concern by:

  • Reducing carbon footprint due to being lightweight
  • Decreasing amount of materials going to landfills
  • Increasing product to package ratio

#2: Stand-Up Pouches Reduce Production Costs

Furthermore, switching to pouches doesn’t require large investments to introduce. As cited in Packaging Technology Today, they in fact reduce warehouse and transportation costs. This helps lower your company’s overall costs in package production.

stand-up pouches

#3: Stand-Up Pouches Boost Product Sales  

In addition to storing a package’s contents, stand-up pouches can provide the following usage capabilities:

  • Resealability
  • Easy pouring
  • Portability
  • Transparency

These functionalities help increase their appeal for consumers, especially millennials who look for products that meet their lifestyle needs. Therefore, selling products in this type of packaging can help boost product sales and overall profitability.

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