July 16, 2018 - General Transportation

3 Ways Boat Manufacturing is Changing

In a recent blog post, we looked at leading recreational boat trends fueling growth. Now, gain insight into how boat manufacturing itself is changing to appeal to a broad consumer audience.

  1. New Boat Designs

As consumers look for versatility and convenience in their products, boat manufacturers are taking note. New “crossover” boat designs are emerging that enable consumers to accomplish many activities with just one boat. In particular, these crossover boat designs can accommodate fishing, sporting and leisure time all in one. By making them at an affordable price point, manufacturers are also able to broaden their appeal across multi-generations of potential boat buyers.

  1. New Boat Materials

In addition to utility, consumers care about a boat’s aesthetics, quality and longevity. Boat manufacturers are now using new materials in boat manufacturing, such as fiberglass siding, to not only build a more durable boat but also improve its visual appeal. This is because new materials enable more unique design options that previously had been unthinkable with traditional aluminum. In particular, these new materials have allowed for bars and galley areas to be added to pontoons especially.boat manufacturing

  1. New Boat Equipment

Furthermore, boat manufacturers are looking for ways to improve operational efficiencies and produce more boats in a cost-effective manner. New computerized processes are being used that cut development time in half with remote, automatic controls. Additionally, new technology aids in integrating the enhanced level of connectivity needed when building a boat. For example, from new engine technology to speed control, many parties are involved in getting multiple connectivity aspects to integrate seamlessly into one system.

As boat manufacturing evolves, it’s important to use adhesives that adapt in conjunction with these changes. Bostik manufactures a line of structural adhesives ideal for boat manufacturing. Offering top tier elongation and elasticity, enhanced application speed and accuracy, these smart solutions:

  • Increase line speeds
  • Reduce adhesive use and waste
  • Improve overall functionality and aesthetics

For more information on these smart structural marine solutions, visit www.bostik.com/structural.

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