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2017 Global Packaging Market Trends

Updated June 22, 2017

SmithersPira cites the packaging market is expected to reach $997 billion by 2020. With key factors such as sustainability and convenience driving customer choices, packaging companies strive to stand out. Let’s take a look at how this year’s packaging market trends can help companies do that.

Clear Branding

As noted in Mintel’s global packaging trends report, packaging companies should focus on manufacturing unique, functional product structures that:

  • Differentiate the product on the shelf
  • Help form and build brand identities

While product differentiation isn’t anything new, it continues to be a trending topic, especially as new shapes and materials are developed. More than ever, brands will need to create a design that:

  • Resonates with consumers, speaking to their needs and values
  • Appears attractive and innovative, aiding in recognition and awareness


Significant packaging opportunities exist for brands to:

  • Engage
  • Entertain
  • Educate

This is due to consumers looking to benefit from packaging as a determining factor in their purchase decisions. Additionally, increased demands for food safety have created a push for functional, smart packaging.



Mintel also cites that packaging will continue to grow in importance with regards to building brand loyalty. Today’s consumers increasingly care about:

  • Value
  • Authenticity
  • Community

These items serve as a means of motivating consumer purchase decisions.

Online Shopping

As consumers continue to embrace e-commerce, brands will need to consider how the in-home vs. in-store experience impacts package designs. Additionally, understanding the delivery component of their packaging will be important.

Adhesives play an important role in product packaging. The right adhesive can help promote brand image and aid in overall consumer experience. Bostik manufactures smart adhesives for a range of packaging applications. Additionally, these products save time and money by improving operational efficiencies. For more information on how our adhesives can help your company, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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