July 8, 2019 - Assembly

Is Your Textile Material Compatible With Your Textile Adhesive?

Adhesives are seeing increased use in textile manufacturing, offering an efficient and reliable method of securing fabrics together. However, before using textile adhesives in your clothing manufacturing processes, ensure they’re compatible with your materials first. Here’s how: Do they have similar chemistries? Adhesives bond more successfully to like-materials than unlike-materials. This is because it’s easier …

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July 2, 2019 - Assembly

How the Filtration Industry Responds to Global Megatrends

A recent Markets and Markets report cited the global industrial filtration market is likely be worth $30.78 billion by 2021. With growth largely fueled by certain global megatrends, it’s important to understand what these trends are and how the filtration industry addresses them. Global Megatrend #1: Population Growth As the global population rises, there is …

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July 1, 2019 - Assembly Automotive

Best Practices for Automotive Air Filtration Assembly

As demand for automotive air filters rises, due in large part to increased consumer purchasing power and environmental concerns, it important for manufacturers to understand best practices for faster and better filter assembly. Best Practices for Air Filter Frame Bonding Frame bonding plays an important role in determining the automotive air filter’s overall performance. For …

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