July 18, 2019 - Rigid Packaging

Is Your Ecommerce Packaging Optimized?

As U.S. online orders continue to soar, now representing more than half of all retail sales growth, it’s imperative for ecommerce packaging to be optimized for the following ecommerce demands to ensure success. Protection According to AMERIPEN, products are typically handled at least 20 times before reaching the consumer. These multiple touch points increase the …

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July 15, 2019 - Automotive

How Smart Automotive Leather Seating Adhesives Reduce Cost

Designed to provide comfort and enhance a car’s visual appeal, leather is rising in demand, expected to reach $40.25 billion by 2025. Used in many car interior applications, including dashboards and steering wheels, gain insight into smart automotive leather seating adhesives in particular and how they can reduce overall cost. Moderate Heat Activation Requiring only moderate heat activation …

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July 15, 2019 - Window & Door

Why You Can Rely on Bostik’s Industrial Construction Sealants

Sealants play an important role in ensuring a building’s durability and longevity and are seeing significant growth, according to Markets and Markets. Therefore, it’s a good idea for construction manufacturers and installers to use products they can trust and rely on, helping them get the job done right the first time. Find out how Bostik’s …

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