March 6, 2018 - Tape & Label

How Dairy Labels Address Consumer Values


According to Statista, the global dairy market is forecast to reach a $442 billion value by 2019. As consumers gravitate toward dairy products, take a look at how dairy labels address their values, fueling market growth.

Clear, No-Label Look Labels

Many consumers are gravitating toward brands that appear all-natural and pure. Clear dairy labels help address this value. Boosting product visibility, they help imply a clean product and natural brand image to consumers.

Recyclable Label Materials

Additionally, as consumers care more about sustainability, they look to purchase products packaged in sustainable materials. In response, dairy labels are being manufactured out of plant-based fibers or recyclable materials.

Clean Label Messaging 

Consumers are also preferring products that resonate with healthy values. For example, they look for products that are:

  • Free from artificial ingredients or preservatives
  • Low in sodium or fat content

Dairy label content has changed to ensure products get its healthy messaging across to consumers. For example, featuring phrases such as “cage-free” and “no artificial sweeteners” help brands resonate with health-conscious consumers.

As dairy labels evolve to meet consumers’ shifting values, it’s important to use a dairy label adhesive that can keep up as well. Bostik manufactures smart label adhesives that:

  • Feature low temperature performance
  • Are fast, efficient and safe for manufacturing

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