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Industry 4.0 and Bostik’s Response

In recent years, “Industry 4.0” has become more than just a trend. As it quickly reshapes the manufacturing landscape across markets, it’s important to understand the impact it can have on your company and Bostik’s response. What Constitutes Industry 4.0? As cited in Forbes Magazine, it uses cyber-physical systems to monitor factory processes and make decentralized decisions. …

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July 31, 2018 - General Transportation

3 Passenger Rail Trends That Provide OEM Opportunities

As the global passenger rail market continues to grow and innovate, it poses attractive opportunities for OEMs and suppliers alike in an effort to address our evolving society and fuel growth further. Gain insight into key trends shaping the passenger rail market and how manufacturers can capitalize on them. Trend #1: Sustainability As pressures from …

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July 16, 2018 - General Transportation

3 Ways Boat Manufacturing is Changing

In a recent blog post, we looked at leading recreational boat trends fueling growth. Now, gain insight into how boat manufacturing itself is changing to appeal to a broad consumer audience. New Boat Designs As consumers look for versatility and convenience in their products, boat manufacturers are taking note. New “crossover” boat designs are emerging …

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How to Increase Substrate Surface Energy

As discussed in a recent blog, low energy substrates are gaining popularity in many manufacturing processes. These substrates offer benefits, such as durability, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Yet while adhesives have been adapting to challenges that low surface energy poses, these substrates also can adjust. Take a look at certain ways to increase their surface …

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